Our Team

Tanya Bonicelli, DDS, RD

During undergraduate studies in Dietetics at North Dakota State University, Dr. Bonicelli assisted two local dentists who ultimately became valuable mentors during her dental career. As a dental student in Omaha, NE, she realized how much she missed North Dakota: the breezy summers, rolling plains, kind people, the pride of the hardworking farmers, the passion of the determined businessmen and women, and even the bitter cold and snow. Most important was the realization that although her family thought they would be willing to move anywhere, they really did not mean to leave their homestead near Dickinson, ND because they, too, are attached to the plains. “Therefore,” Dr. B. explains, “I found myself wishing, ‘There’s no place like home.”

Her husband, John, was originally born in California, but raised in ND, was torn between the small-town and big-city life.  But remembering life as an NDSU punter brought him back to Fargo.  “We are both Bison alums and haven’t forgotten our love for the growing and fruitful city of Fargo.”

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Carissa Thomas, RDH

Carissa’s passion for helping patients of all ages now extends beyond her hygiene services and into the functions of the business office.  She doesn’t just care for your smile; she arranges ways for you to repair your smile.  As our Office Administrator, she easily coordinates patient appointments with their preferred provider, and kindly discusses payment options.  While at home, Carissa likes relaxing at her family’s lake cabin; and in the winter she does both types of curls: curling on the ice and curling up with her dogs.

Chelsea Olson, RDA

After a life-long interest in dentistry, Chelsea, a recent graduate and registered dental Assistant, states that “my favorite part of assisting the dentist is seeing the patient’s satisfaction after a procedure is complete.  I love that I get to be a part of that.”  In addition, Chelsea ensures the proper cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization of the clinic’s equipment and instruments.   While one of her favorite activities is cooking with friends, she also enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors.

Megan Hilde, RDH

While witnessing the treatment outcomes as a dental assistant, Megan was inspired  to pursue her dream of being a dental Hygienist.  Now she proclaims the benefits of caring for your mouth and can warn you of the risks if you don’t care.  Above all, she loves sharing with you her experiences of transforming smiles.  She enjoys gardening and canoeing with her puppy; and around the house she can be found reading books next to her kitty – unless, that is, she is accompanied by her family and friends.

Melissa Casper, RDH

After graduating with a degree in physiology from the University of Minnesota, Melissa returned to her hometown in Fargo as a dental Hygienist to pursue her passion of helping others.  “I love building relationships with people of all ages/backgrounds and seeing the magical way a healthy smile can build confidence.”  Her husband and young son spend family time with her watching movies and caring for their golden retriever at home and at the lake.

The Team at Dr. B. Dentistry feels “It’s great to be part of a positive team-environment where I can strengthen my clinical skills and at the same time maintain meaningful relationships with patients and staff.”